Flexible, Easy to Use and Cost Effective Police Body Cameras

Hudson Valley Computer Guys builds the most flexible, easy to use and cost effective body worn camera solutions on the market.  We are not a one size fits all, we tailor your solution to your department, whether you are small part time force, or a department of thousands. We're knowledable, agile and our staff is certified by the New York State Department of Criminal Justice via a background checks. Our solutions are backed by major manufacturers, are platform independent and a fraction of the price of the existing body camera solutions.  Your solution is delivered to you configured, labeled and ready to record.  From delivery to on the road in less than 30 minutes.  

We are disrupting the body worn market one awesome solution at a time. Contact us today.

For Officers

  • "Cop Proof" Simple Daily Use
  • Less Than 5 Minutes of Officer Training Needed
  • Rugged & User Friendly Design
  • Multitude of Camera Mounts Available
  • 24/7, US Based Support Available

For Police Admin

  • Feature Packed, Economically Priced
  • Five, Five Hundred or More Cameras - No Problem
  • Full Audit Trail & Flexible Security
  • Easy to Use Playback & Redaction Software
  • 3 Year Equipment Warranty Standard

For IT

  • Ready to Go On Delivery - No Configuration Needed. No Custom Wiring Needed.
  • Use Either Economical Onsite Storage or Scalable Cloud Based Storage
  • Works With Most Any IT Network Setup
  • Microsoft Active Directory Compatible Software.
  • Your Hardware or Ours for Recording. Virtual Machine Compatible.